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episode 12

(Alphabetical by last name)

David Alexander
The Shock of a Feather
Babar Ali
Bay Area Beer and Bar Report No. 1
Bibliotheque Bajazzo
Blonk Organ (98 K)
Mark Budman
Beside the Golden Door
Ian Campbell
Richard Carr
Martha Conway
Under the Hoop: Fiction on the Net
B.C. Cohen
Terminal Wanderlust
Christian Crumlish
Please Don't
Interview with Robert Hunter and Greg Anton:
Zero: You Can't Keep a Good Band Down
Janna Fulbright
Boy/Bird (80 K)
Mitch Goldman
Rock 'n' Roll reviews: (P-Funk, Dinosaur, Jr.)
Cold Sand
Reed Hearne
Virtually Married
Victor Hugo
N.G. Meriwether
A Celebration of the Nothing
Griffin Nicholson
Notes on Nothing: A Journal of Zero Consciousness
Briggs Nisbet
Write This Book
David Pelovitz
Clutter, Culture, & Cold War Too
Tabitha Rasa
Knowing You, Knowing Me
Andrew Robertson
Negativland Disses Pepsi
Steve Seebol
Very Short Stories No. 12 (102K)
Christy Sheffield Sanford
Homage to Versace
Much Ado about Zero

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