Much Ado about Zero:
A Little Known S.F. Bay Area Institution

Gigging regularly around the San Francisco Bay Area since 1984 with periodic national tours, Zero, a six-piece jazz-rock-blues-funk-latin-etc. improv band has evolved into a closely guarded secret, a thus-far underbooked transportation service. With this feature, we'd like to bring the hard-working people in this band an additional modicum of the attention they deserve.


  1. A Celebration of the Nothing, a review of Zero
    by N.G. Meriwether

  2. Robert Hunter lyrics as sung by Zero

  3. You Can't Keep a Good Band Down,
    an interview with Robert Hunter and Greg Anton

    by Christian Crumlish

  4. Notes on Nothing: A Journal of Zero Consciousness
    by Griffin Nicholson

  5. The Sayings of Chairman Martín, a Primer

Now Chut Up!

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