"Even a good thing isn't as good as nothing."‹Zen saying.

"Shut your mouth, close your lips, and say something." ‹Pai-Chang

The Sayings of Chairman Marteen

Why? because when you listen to Martín riff and rap,soon you realize that whatever logic is at work is far above you‹transcendent, in fact. So abstract and profound that it actuallymeans nothing. Zero. And it is therefore uniquely emblematic ofwhat aficionados call zero consciousness; and it is to the sage of that state of effortless awareness that we dedicate this modest undertaking: the sayings of Chairman Martín.

Martín follows a long line of zen prophets and exponents, and his expressions are best viewed as perfect koans, though only practiced adepts should attempt to meditate upon them. (Warning: don't try this at home, kids. Only at shows.) But we hope to spark greater interest and insight into this portal to Zero consciousness with this space. Contributions of more of Martín's transcribed gems will be posted in the future-and offerings are gratefully accepted.

Please send transcribed "sayings" and show dates (and venues, when possible) to ngm@batnet.com


"Yeah, but will you still love us in the morning? Wha-ha-ha!" [3/2/96]

"In the words of Lawrence Welk, 'wonderful, wonderful,wonderful wonderful‹shut up!" [3/2/96]

"The penalty for stepping on someone else's blanket‹ is breast." [date?]