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Mitch Goldman

Contributing Writer

Mitch continues leading two lives, by day a scrupulously conscientious Microsoft employee, by night a songwriter who's basement recordings bring a whole new meaning to the word "underground" (not to mention "unheard").

Mitch and family have recently relocated to western Washington State, where the only thing more prevalent than the rain are the dour expressions of today's displaced grunge youth. Mitch feels right at home.


episode 11

(TMBG, Pavement, Screaming Trees, Man or Astroman?,
Cheap Trick, Sky Cries Mary, & Metallica)

episode 9

KISS, Elvis Costello, Paul Westerberg, Neil Young/Patti Smith, and The Melvins

episode 8

Butthole Surfers and other reviews

episode 7

Frank Black, Iron Maiden & Fear Factor, Jethro Tull, Primus (again), and Ministry & Jesus Lizard

episode 6

Big Star, AC/DC, Motorhead, The Flaming Lips, GWAR, R.E.M., and 1995: the Year in Review

episode 5

The Swans, NIN & David Bowie, Helmet & Primus, Sonic Youth, and King Crimson (again)

episode 4

King Crimson, Death, Monster Magnet & Corrosion of Conformity, TAD, Nik Turner, X, and Lollapalooza

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