please don't

We ate the acid and it came on strong. Tim is from Ethiopia and his real name is long and hard to pronounce. he speaks unaccented English, went to college with Alec (a class behind me), and is a doctor and a wild partier. He kept wanting to take more and I kept urging caution. In the end, we peaked pretty strongly.

We kept wanting to go outside. It was close in Alec's little place by Sutro Heights (overlooking the ocean at the northwest end of San Francisco - man we had some great trips there...) but we were afraid to go outside. We tried once or twice and fled back like keystone kops (run away!). It was funny but we just weren't yet ready.

See Alec's neighborhood was mostly owners with just a few renters like himself. It has its own rent-a-cop "patrol" and the mounted cops come to the beautiful medieval-style ruin that overlooks the cliff, just to spoil it for freaks who might want to smoke a j and look out over the end of the continent. So there was this bad vibe to fear and something was magnifying it. Anyway, we finally steeled ourselves. Half joking (but not really), we made a rule: if we encountered any problems, we would flee immediately back to the apartment. We laughed but we needed that joke to step outside.

part two

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