hyper web text media zine art
episode 16 is appearing very gradually, 
concurrent with a redesign, and a possible
move. we will razz again!
A Tale for Computer and Compasses
milorad pavic, serbia's great poet,
novelist, and scholar, wrote this 
story expressly for this medium
Girl Birth Water Death
martha conway's
hyperlinked story
looping like memory
No Bird but an Invisible Thing
it falls to me once again 
to tell that same old story 
seven ways to sunday
The Distorted Barbie
mark napier's installation 
used to bug the shit out of mattel 
but i guess it doesn't any more! 
(we are but one of many hosts)
Terminal Wanderlust
b.c. cohen's poems 
move across the screen 
in your mind
all things xian 
(ignore the man), 
half-assed and 
       hey! and... 
       if you like ezone you'll love               
       antiweb and/or posi-web

       queensboro ballads

       literary kicks

       house of zoka

       the childe
      {the fray}