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episode 3

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Alice K. Boatwright
Why I Love V.I. Warshawski
Art Simon
Excerpts from More of the Same
Bill Cassel
Turn the Future On (Part 2)
Briggs Nisbet
In Camera
Christian Crumlish
How to Read Enterzone
Back Drop Comix 3 (43 K)
Dan Brodnitz
2017 A.D.
David Hunter Sutherland
Pax Mongolica
Delray Prong
3 More Stories
Jack Mingo
The Genuine, 100%, No Shit Story of Gumby's Eastern Mysticism
John Humpal
Levi Asher
The History of the California Burrito
Malcolm Humes
Two Faces
Martha Conway
Mike Swartzbeck
mom's shocking encounter (119 K)
Peter Gannon Crumlish
Crime Scene
Steve Emerson
The Merry-Go-Round
Steve Seebol
Very Short Stories 3 (77 K)
The Golden Boy (145 K)
Spring Gris Gris (119 K)
Steve Silberman
The Drum Circle
Tabitha Rasa
Search & Destroy Whoever Let David Salle Make this Movie!

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