Pax Mongolica

by David Hunter Sutherland

And the wave
porous to touch
collapsed at your door.
The full dissolution, "OM AH HUM !", and
mantras of desperation, (heartbreak..despair),
spiral down an orbit, near
a retrograde star.

Yet on a small scale,
Life coddles and croons to you,
from an atoms' gestation,
to the milk and manna of meal for a sun.
Our toss and turn dream Buddhas' tight subtle bodies
are muons that bind you in this cosmic soup of
strange bedpartners,
heavy velocities and
ghost orbits.

Now affixed within this gaze you sleep snug.
Friend to the ethers and comforts' raison d'etre.
Both, borders in a universe,
whose cause and effect portend as 
loves' harshest vision;
a vision turned swords into shares,
sheaves into rain,
rain into your silence...
as an eerie peace ensues.

Copyright 1995
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