Interview with Robert Hunter
and Greg Anton, August 25, 1997
(hypertext version)

Zero: You Can't Keep a Good Band Down

by Christian Crumlish

I finally arrive at Hunter's home in Marin, having botched the directions twice, where he's graciously granted me an interview to talk about Zero, a band with whom he's been writing songs since the early '90s, and his collaborative process with Greg Anton, Zero's drummer and co-founder, and the rest of the band. As I turn into the living room, I see, sitting facing me on the piano bench, back to the piano, the imposing presence of Anton himself. Without making any promises, Hunter has produced Greg, and stands back now, beaming.

Note: (In the interview, Robert Hunter's words are indicated by RH, Greg Anton's statements by Greg, and my questions by xian.)

0. Money, Mandolins, and Marin County Musicians
0. Who's Been in Zero All Along?
0. Sitting in with Zero, an Acid Test of Sorts
0. Hammering Away at that Understatement Thing

0. Do Songs = Instrumentals + Lyrics?
0. Instrumental + Lyrics = Song
0. The Five-Minute Song Challenge Story
0. To Road-Test or Not to Road-Test

0. New York Stories
0. A Genre is Just a Label
0. How Lyrics Work Live
0. Stage Myopia
0. We're an Accessible Band

0. Nancy Germany, take one (Catalina)
0. The Catalina One-Word Judge Audition Story
0. What about the "More Instrumentals" Crowd?
0. Nancy Germany, take two (The Burning Question)
0. How Many G's in Greg?
0. Roots of Zero
0. A Political Song

0. When I Can't Tell the Song from the Singer
0. The Dead Audience and Zero
0. Kimock's Role in Composing Zero Tunes

0. The Maestros Work on a New Song
0. How to Write a Song
0. Close Enough for Jazz

0. They're a Band Beyond Rehearsal
0. What's Next for Hunter?

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