The Rolling Stones

No consideration of this topic would be complete without some mention of the Rolling Stones. It has been suggested in some quarters, not unconvincingly, that it is long past time for the old boys to stop hauling their increasingly gnarled selves around the world to play outlandish stadium extravaganzas, and retire to their respective chateaux, island paradises, and whatnot. (Bill Wyman has already provided a possible role model.) Admittedly, the spectre of the Voodoo Lounge boutiques in department stores and (especially) the Rolling Stones VISA card tends to lend support to this idea. But hereabouts we give the Stones credit for at least one thing: their greed is as megalomaniacally huge and awesome as their legend. They are making many, many millions of dollars and still managing to never come across as less than cool. If someone is going to be filling stadiums at $50 a head with classic rock of questionable contemporary value, we'll take the Stones over Page and Plant any day.

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