Page and Plant

Let us consider for a moment the aforementioned Page and Plant. It was of course inevitable that someday, some form of Led Zeppelin would reappear, and we have to be glad they're getting it over with. It's hard to believe that they need the money, since the Zep back catalog continues to move many units, but they must at least feel that they want the money. And the ripple effect of the tour will inevitably cause the shifting of many more units of said back catalog. Reviews of the shows concurred that the Guy with the Hair and the Pudgy Satanist seemed to be running through the classics with a minimum of enthusiasm, and who can blame them? Plant is getting a little old for the leather pants routine and can't have been too happy about the whole Coverdale/Page thing (Page recently attempted to create his own Zeppelin franchise by recording with Plant lookalike/soundalike David Coverdale of Whitesnake fame). Page for his part looks unhealthy and confused after a long streak of failures both with solo albums and such projects as the Firm, the Law, and Coverdale/Page. Page and Plant get a special mention in the greed department for unceremoniously cutting out bassist John Paul Jones and splitting his share of the proceeds.

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