You're not on the Net or the Web long before everything you hear about is cyberthis or hyperthat. Boy, if things are hyper, they must be great, right? Well, don't forget that you can't spell hyper without h-y-p-e.

A hypertext is a document with links from text to text, either external links to other documents or internal links to other parts of the same document. Hypermedia is just an extension of hypertext to include other forms of media, such as pictures, sounds, movies, and so on.

The problem with most attempts at creative uses of hypertext and hypermedia is that the emphasis is usually on the hyper- part of hyperstory, not the -story.

Enterzone is proud to unveil a number of compelling hyperarticles, including our cover story and other fiction and nonfiction pieces.

Feel free to jump right to the hyperstuff table of contents if you're ready for nonlinear communication.

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