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Enterzone episode 2

Okay, so why tables of contents? Isn't one just enough? Yes and no. There are a plentitude of entry points into the Zone. You don't have to use them all. If you prefer the traditional reader's role--passive acceptance of a prearranged sequence and form of presentation--you're in luck. Just take the path of least resistance.

Besides that, we've got the contents broken down by medium (text or nontext, mainly, but some wiggle-room in the categories of mixed media and hypermedia). We've further broken down the types of text along the lines of a false dichotomy: made-up stuff versus true stuff. It's all true on some level and it's all made up, so we've allowed a third category, neither made-up nor true (that we didn't use in this episode), and a safe one, all text together.

Of course, pictures can be true or made-up or neither or both, as can comics, and maybe even sounds -- we're just trying to give you as many different handles as possible.

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