Message from the Publisher

A lot of sweat and toil went into the electronic magazine you see hovering before your eyes right now. Many bleary late nights and endless e-mail correspondences. I'm very proud of this episode, though, and I believe its all been worth it.

Enterzone is self-archiving, so the previous episode is still right there where it was all along, even though episode 2 has taken over the home page. With the links between the two episodes, the publication has taken on an extra dimension.

We're Hyper-er

Besides all the links that connect the two episodes, we also have quite a few articles in this episode that are themselves hyperdocuments, giving the reader more choices about how to read, and less guidance. We have both hyperfiction and hypernonfiction.

We're Beat-er

Another theme running through this episode is the Beats, the movements they were part of, and the influences they still have on us today, several artistic generations down the road.

We're Multimedia-i-er

We've now added some sound files to Enterzone, one more step in the direction of fluid multimedia. Look for QuickTime movie clips in upcoming episodes, along with plenty of good old fashioned text.

Why Are We Here For?

See our Statement of Purpose for more about what we are and why.

Path of Least Resistance
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