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A Wafer
for My Student
Whose Mother Cut the Tubes
Once the Family Had Left
the ICU of
Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital

by Louie Crew

Mother's sister Rose died in 1959. For 23 years afterwards, every day Mother spent at least 10 minutes in a room alone, talking to Rose, sharing news Rose would want to hear. Then Mother closed the door and got on. She never told anyone. I discovered only when once I heard her, in the next room. She was embarrassed. She knew I would not understand, feared I would think her crazy.... I thought her just silly, and teased. Mother was buried on the coldest day ever recorded in Alabama, the 11th of January, 1982. Yet, at this very moment I tell her about you, Shui Yee. She and I, and Rose too, urge you to find your own ways to close the door and live. R.I.P.

Copyright © 1999
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