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How Can You Miss Us If We Don't Go Away?

maybe i'm just lost but where have all the promised numbers gone
i see only #15 from '98
where's the rest?
i'm glad i found you that's why i'm concerned


It's a fair cop... we've been, um, resting on our laurels. Yeah, that's it! Actually, we appreciate the concern and have all kinds of wonderful things in the works. Please drop by regularly to see what's new.

Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll...

About a review on Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull I recently read. I don't think you know what your'e talking about.

glenn paul carpenter

...Too Young to Come Alive?

Torquemada Jones Well he sounds like a real loser!!! I love Peter Frampton's music and tell me Mr. Jones what have you ever contributed to this world except your jealous writings-gee he sure sounds jealous of successful people, and he is not one, Mr Frampton is a success And I love His music. So Mr Jones if you wanted to be a musician what are you doing writing about them? And if your not one who do you think you are to judge Mr. Framptons music, you could'nt create the wonderful music he does:No you just keep writing your loser articals-just like the loser you are!!!!!!!!!!!

Angel Dougherty

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