no bird but an invisible thing

Download the Linear 'No Bird' as Shareware

As No Bird but an Invisible Thing was first written as a linear story, there's no reason to limit its online availability to the hypertext "remix."

If you wish, therefore, you may download the story as a Word 6.0/95 document (other formats available on request). It is not free, it is shareware. You may print one copy of the story for "evaluation" purposes. If, upon finishing the story, you are not fully satisfied with the literary experience, please feel free to burn or otherwise destroy the printed copy and erase the electronic document from your computer and any other backup or storage media.

If you choose to "own" the copy of the story you downloaded, you may send a check for US$5 to the following address:

Christian Crumlish
1440 Broadway, Suite 920
Oakland, CA 94612
Att: No Bird account

For that payment, you are entitled to print copies of the story for your personal use (and the use of your immediate family), but not to print and give away or sell copies; that is, the shareware ownership of a copy of the story is not transferable.

There is also a chapbook-quality limited edition of No Bird (with specially selected or designed fonts) in the works.


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