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Stay Tuned

If you've been stopping by looking for the Spring 1998 episode of Enterzone (episode 14), then you've noticed that the retrospective episode has been given more time as the "front page" while we assemble the latest issue in the background. We've been working on a redesign (and re-architecting, if that's a word) of Enterzone, but unfortunately, it is still not completed, so we will go ahead and release episode 14 in the existing format.

For our readers starving for reading material, we've decided to release this episode piecemeal, meaning that, although not all the articles are currently visible, a growing subset of them is now ready and available. We'll be filling in the blanks for the next few days.

Administrivia: Deadlines

For people considering submitting to Enterzone, please note the following schedule of submission deadlines..

Episode 15 will be released around June 21, 1998. The deadline for episode 15 is May 30, 1998.

Episode 16 will be released around September 21, 1998. The deadline for episode 16 is August 16, 1998.

Episode 17 will be released around December 21, 1998. The deadline for episode 17 is October 31, 1998.

What Was New in episode 12

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