What's New in the Zone

We've been undergoing all sorts of changes, big and small. Here's a brief update.

We're Moving!

Yes, as of episode 7 (June 1, 1996), Enterzone will be moving to a mammoth server at AALN.org. Don't get out your pen and paper just yet, because the exact address is not settled yet, but one nice thing is we'll be getting our own domain name (ezone.org). We're grateful for the new home and we'll be making some adjustments (mostly Mac to Unix stuff) but they'll be transparent to our readers.

We also plan a hefty transition period during which the old URL and all associated links will still work. Stay tuned for more details.

Where to Put Those Awards?

We've set up a Den or, if you prefer, a Rec room, where we're proudly displaying all those incredibly valuable awards and commendations we're earning. Say, you wouldn't be interested in buying a book of Who's Who in American High School Students would you? What if you're in it?

Classifieds Spring Back to Life!

We were afraid those classy Classifieds of ours were going to wither on the vine, but our pathetic plea for help was heard by at least one volunteer and George Haberberger has volunteered to take over their maintenance. He's working on a redesign and we'll get caught up on all those promised links soon, honest.

Oh So Exciting Trivia

Yes, and our Letters section has also undergone a redesign, mainly to put older letters on their own pages so you don't have to grow a beard waiting for the latest letters to load.

Publisher Abducted by Aliens!

No, just checking if you bothered to read down this far.

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