Three Dog Night et al. in Las Vegas

Bands that have fallen off the edge of the rock and roll world but still feel it necessary to continue on for one reason or another often turn up in Las Vegas, where time stands still, black is white, day is night, and publicists are not ashamed to pen such blatant lies as the following (untruths in italics):
  1. "Three Dog Night remains a major force in rock 'n' roll music bringing fresh enthusiasm to each song and belting out lyrics with vocals that are stronger than ever."
  2. "Greg Kihn Band Still Rockin'."
  3. "[Jim] Messina's music has now come full circle, back to the energetic country/rock rhythms and poignant lyrics that have always marked his best work. His music is both reflective of his legacy, yet fresh and innovative."
  4. "(Christopher) Cross brings with him a fresh outlook on life, a hot five-piece band and some dynamic new music from his latest album ŚWindows.' All have helped to re-ignite this marvelous singer's career."

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