Eddie Money et al. at Konocti Harbor Resort and Spa

We have here in the Bay Area a thing called the "Konocti Harbor Resort and Spa," which features rock and roll shows as part of its vacation getaway packages. We always enjoy perusing their upcoming attractions, because this venue has an uncanny instinct for bringing the most aged and forgotten losers out of the woodwork (probably, we're guessing, because the Spa is not offering large checks and thus attracts only the most desperate of touring acts, or those most willing to exchange performance for massages). Recent guests have included Eddie Money, Christopher Cross, Foghat, the Stephen Stills Band, Gordon Lightfoot, America, and something called "Electric Light Orchestra II," which probably features Jeff Lynne's cousin Ed or something like that. An appearance at Konocti can also serve as an unmistakable sign that someone's recently prosperous career has begun the old drift into the crapper (Billy Ray Cyrus, June 13-14-15). Then once in a while they'll throw you a curve by booking someone like James Brown. The Hardest Working Man in Show Business must need a vacation once in a while, too.

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