-- Laura speaks German like a native, she hears her grandmother say about her, she will go there one year. And at last, at last, his bathing trunks pulled neatly to nearly his navel, her brother who has this time not forgotten why he was there or what to do next at last comes out, laughing his low laugh when he sees her.

The German-accented Swiss attendant sticks her head through the curtained window to the balcony where Laura was waiting.

-- You be careful when you are over, she says smiling in fun, they do not wash so often there.

But Laura has already started down the long gray staircase with her brother, going not so slowly you would notice but slower than most down the steps in the shade at last of trees toward the baby pool and the game of hearts which has already begun, going down toward dinner on the patio served by black men in white coats and make-your-own-sundaes, one for her and one with no nuts for her brother, and toward the long drive home and the long drive to the college at the end of the summer.