Lost in Ohio


it's her neck, love, where the
hair is short in a gypsy cut

place your warm tongue there
and you can do your nails,
the rest is automatic

and it's true I've come back
only for a moment because I've
misplaced a painting of what
some morning was like the day it got
called off

but there's no sense dwelling on that,
is there? when everything is baking and
rising fast, and it's time to scout out
new locations, audition the players,
ski slack-jawed through trick scenery
to southern slopes, call to fish from
pink coral, plan that trip back
to Ireland

so if he called off the epic quest
it was only because he lost the
directions or tired of meddling in
the desire of others,
getting the carburation adjusted
just so

before it all blows up,
and she can see that the meaning
of all this will have been perfectly clear
though she may not know why or
may have forgotten that there was meaning
in it

or maybe we've fogotten it all
but it seemed pretty good i guess
he said.

sex at antioch
Sisters, 1980

Copyright © 1997
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