hunched over the carcass
he pushes his thin hands
through the skin flesh
sinks through the hot mass

he rolls the beast over
into its solid eyes open
mouth down to its throat
stands heaves the body
across his shoulders

his back grows warm
wet as he leaps steps
sprints over rocks

until he stops stiff
at the break of
the land as it slips to
the rush of the river

he rips the skin back
from the meat peeling
the head from the rest
tearing filling his
hands with thick hair

he pushes the corpse in
to the earth leans
until it sinks
and blood seeps
into the thin soil

then he climbs
to his feet screams
dons the pelt staggers
the head on his own
under the weight of

spread out
days and hours outside

Copyright © 1997
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