It was pretty slow at the bar the next night when my roommate walks in. He swaggers over and plops down on a stool. I could see as soon as he came in heís wearing another one of my ties, one which I havenít seen in a couple of months. I really donít feel like talking to him even as a bartender and I keep cutting limes while he waits. Finally he says, "So, Benny-boy. You have a good time last night?"

Whatíll you have, I say.

"Bass," he says.

I pop it open and place it in front of him. He doesnít reach for his wallet and I donít say anything.



"Well? You gonna tell me about it? How was she?"

Oh. Nothing happened. I just let her sleep.

"Bullshit, man! Donít give me that. I could smell the perfume of love, man. I could hear the two of you. You were at it all night. She must of been something."

So I lean over the bar and say, alright, you want to hear how it was? He smiles and leans in close.

She comes into my room, man, and sheís all over me. She says, Iím so afraid. You have to help me. Iím pretty tired myself and would rather go to sleep, but this chick, man, is all over me.

"I knew it, man. She had her eyes on you the whole time."

So I think, what the hell, a manís gotta do what a manís gotta do.

"You know it, Benny-boy!"

And this chick is needing it real bad, so I think, canít disappoint the lady. She tears off her clothes and goes right at me.

"She go down on you, man?" I nod. He lets that sink in and then goes, "whatís her body like?"

Beautiful, man. Youíd never tell whatís under that suit, but, man, sheís got one hot body. Randy groans.

So sheís so hot Iím like hard again in no time and sheís like all spread and ready for me and boy does she know her business. This goes on for like ten minutes and, man, she has this intense orgasm and screams, I swear it, screams. Iím surprised it didnít wake you up.

"I heard it, man!"

So I thought that was pretty great. But it just gets better. Sheís an animal. She wants more and more and sheís like riding me by the end and Iím a wreck. And then I was out. Out cold.

Randyís shakes his head and says, "Jesus Christ, man. Benny-boy, here. You take the cake. You take the fucking cake."

Then in the midst of all this good feeling I say, •550 for the beer.

Hey, itís water business, man.

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