Make Way for Jiggy!

(featuring Toby and Adolfo)

by Dan Brodnitz

[Jiggy, Toby and Adolfo, at play]

Welcome to the first episode of Make Way for Jiggy!, the only "web-installed- audio/photo- comic-with-a-beat" that I'm aware of!

Please select one of the following file sizes to rock out to Jiggy's Theme:

Then select the chapter name below to begin the adventure….

Note: Make Way for Jiggy! employs seven distinct space-age technologies. The first time you play a JiggySound, you'll probably get a sizeable delay as your sound player kicks into high gear. Any future delays depend on the speed of your connection. If you'd like to rev things up a bit, jump to the Alternate Jiggyverse- a magical land where sound files download more quickly and sound quality is noticeably worse!

Chapter One: The Jiggy Enigma

In which our heroine is introduced and some colorful graphics are displayed.

Copyright © 1997
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