underzone contents (order particular in no)

wh' underzone?

enterzone is on a lot of mailing lists. a lot of people out there just snarf up e-mail addresses without really reading the source documents they find them on, and then "spam" everyone on their list, usually with seemingly unlimited voluminous e-mail messages, often poorly edited and formatted, usually without any clear e-mail presence responding to replies or requests.

meanwhile, we sit around at enterzone thinking "how come so few people respond and contribute" and "ho hum another press release another opening another show" and "oh no, this lunatic just send me thirty more poems."

eventually it came to me. while there's enterzone, the neatly manicured (if a bit homespun) entry point to our zone, why not also post the collective unconscious, as it dribbles in through the chinks in our e-mail filtering schemes, in a zone of its own. hence this, the underzone.

what i won't do it edit this material, sort it out, judge it, or filter it. think of this as an online equivalent of brautigan's famous library of unpublished manuscripts. if it is sent to me, and it seems to have nowhere to go, it will post it here.

it will be up to the brave readers to go dumpster diving among the net.flotsam to find the gems, because believe me, gems there will be, and wouldn't you rather find them here than clogging up your in-box?


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