These boots were made for walking

For You, The Stars
Chapter Four: Sweet Child o’ Mine
Installment 3

After she had her beer and I had loaded us a few bowls, we hopped in the shower where I was able to repay her for the stimulating “massage” she’d given me. Back in my room she took her sweet time getting dressed, admiring herself in my full length mirror.

“Are you ready, boots?” I said, quoting the intro to the Nancy Sinatra song. Cecilia didn’t know the reference and thought I was calling her “Boots.” She liked the sound of it and suggested that I could use it as a nickname for her if I liked.

We went for brunch to the Pork Store cafe. It was one of those beautiful winter days in San Francisco, so we walked the thirty or so blocks. I had a huge breakfast, the one with the pork chops, and Cecilia had pancakes. She had to maintain just the tiniest amount of babyfat and no more.

Then we went to some of the clothing stores in the area. She wanted to buy me some new things. Cooler belts, for example. She tried to get me to buy leather pants but I convinced her I couldn’t pull that off. She found a few shirts she said would look good on me. One was a tan and olive rayon shirt with a paisley pattern. I’d never owned rayon before but I liked the way the fabric felt.

We also shopped for stuff for her. She was always looking for new miniskirts, new outfits. In one of the stores, though, a guy employed there, a tall mascara wearing rocker type, seemed to be trying to peek through the curtain to see her in the changing room. That was not cool and I ended up standing near the curtain trying to shame him into shoving off.

Another store had a large changing area for women with little curtained rooms surrounding it. I went in with Cecilia to watch her try stuff on. I was feeling horny and I knew how much she liked danger, so I kept playing with her breasts, trying to get her nipples hard, and cupping her puss, rubbing my finger back and forth. I don’t know if we were giggling a little or what, but an employee came into the large changing area and told me that I should wait outside. That was a little too close for comfort.

We took our time walking back toward the Gomer homestead. Actually, the “commune,” as it were was spread over two houses in the UC Med neighborhood, a block apart from each other. My house was slightly smaller, housing myself, Hopper, Dave, and Chad. The bigger house up the hill contained the shared kitchen, dining room, a large living room with our joint cable connection, and the pets, a dog and cat. I was allergic to both, so I didn’t hang out over there too much beyond the shared meals.

The big house was where Bo, Suzy, Seth, and Belinda and Gardner lived. Belinda and Gardner had been a couple since their high school years in Tennessee. They had been apart briefly when Gardner came east for college and Belinda went to Oberlin to study wicca or womyn’s studies or something like that. Then Gardner dropped out of school and got a job in Trenton but still hung around till his classmates graduated and near the end of that time Belinda came to stay with him and then made the subsequent trip west with the first wave of Gomers, becoming one herself in the process.

The big house was also where the GLEE ledger, tracking how much each of us owed each other, was kept. I’d managed to have a positive balance, but not too positive, since a few months after I started my fulltime job. For those first few months I had kept the legal summarizing gigs on the side, effectively working sixty or seventy hours a week, which had enabled me to get caught up relatively quickly. That transitional period had been hell, though, and I swore I’d never do it again. Nonetheless, every time I changed jobs for the rest of my life I always experienced a painful grinding of gears just like that.

While I was explaining all this to Cecilia I told her that she should come over to the big house for one of our crazy group dinners. She said OK, although she warned me that she thought most of the Gomers were huge nerds. “You’re kind of a nerd too, you know,” she said. “Hey, I thought I was cool.”

“I like Dave and Seth too,” she said, changing the subject.

While we were walking and talking like this toward the park, around the time we passed the Red Vic and I was explaining the funky movie theatre to Cecilia I spotted, about a block or so up ahead, Simone walking straight toward us, talking to one of her girlfriends, a tall Latina whom I really didn’t like that much.

She hadn’t noticed us yet. I wasn’t really sure what to do, but I figured I’d better keep walking. I told Cecilia out of the side of the mouth that the two women about a block now ahead of us coming our way were Simone and a friend of hers.

“She’s pretty,” said Cecilia, who had never seen her.

When we were about 20 paces apart Simone looked up from her conversation and saw us, holding hands. There was shock in her eyes and I knew her well enough by then to see that she was seriously upset. Her face was turning red and I was trying to figure out whether to stop or not, whether to greet her or not, when suddenly we had passed each other and I didn’t look back. When we were about two blocks apart she may have yelled something at us but I couldn’t make it out.

When we got back to my place, none of my roommates were around. This was our chance to make love without having to keep so quiet. As we were taking our clothes off, Cecilia went over to close the venetian blinds on the one small window in my room. I admired her body from behind, the dimples on her ass, and I said, “Curves by Einstein.” Hungry for compliments, she filed that one away.

As we were making out on my futon, the phone rang. Since there was no one else around and no answering machine, I got up, pulled my boxer shorts back on, and went to the stairs where the phone was attached.


“Daniel, you fucking asshole!”


“Liar!” She slammed down the phone, making my eardrums ring.

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