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Hey, Don't We Know Your Brother?

I'm new to this whole Web writers thing, but I met some of your contributors last week at Levi Asher's reading in New York City (including David Alexander, Peter Crumlish) which I attended with my brother, Jamie. I guess that's supposed to be an Internet related irony, how, living in the Berkeley hills, I'd only find out about Enterzone after going to Manhattan, but that's how it happened. The readings impressed me enough that I finally sought to get Netscape working on my computer for more than 30 second intervals. It's still slow and frustrating, but the readings are worth the high blood pressure and any physical damage I may accidentally cause my computer. I've enjoyed my time "here," (and I'm not just saying that because you published my brother. Really, I'm not). I'm as impressed with the dry-titled stuff, the "reportage" and "non-fiction," the "normally I wouldn't open this category but I happened to push the wrong button" categories, as I am with the fiction and poetry.

Keep up the good work.

Ted Fristrom
February 25, 1996

Gee, thanks! Hey, this isn't some kinda trick is it? Buttering us up and then laying a submission on us, like that Jamie character?


Home Page, eZine, Web Site, Call it What You Will

Your home page looks very interesting.

Next time, I shall spend more time to understand it.

Thank you very much.

Write to you soon.

David S.T. Wong
February 14, 1996

Spend as much time as you like but don't try to understand it, I'm warning you!


Well, Yes, We Tried, but We Obviously Failed

Ever tried sticking to one font size?

Adam Connelly
January 27, 1996

What Makes a Man Start Fires?

My bro told me about the session-ending Minutemen quote.

I must say, this is cool. Keep up the good work, and continue the spiel.

Keith Jajko
keith.jaiko@mail.co.ventura.ca.u s
January 17, 1996

It's always nice when someone notices the little touches. (For the uninitiated, the writer is referring to the quotation at the bottom of the Enterzone episode 5 cover page.) Say, your brother isn't angling for a writing gig is he?


Turnabout is Fair Play

Thanks for your kind comments about ZUG. I spent a good portion of the day looking at Enterzone. Very intelligent, and very hyperchaotic (in a good way).

I laughed out loud at your Back Drop Comix. Your How To Read Enterzone was great as well. You perfectly captured my mindset about the attitude Web designers should have. My fave article was probably History of the California Burrito. Funny and vulnerable at the same time.

Keep up the good work!

John Hargrave
January 8, 1996

P.S.: Mind if we use your letter for our "Incomin g Mail" section?

Thanks a lot. You know Levi's Burrito story sure is popular. I'm also glad someone out there likes my cheezy comix.


P.S.: No, I'd really prefer you didn't print my mail. (Psych!)

Writers Need All the Resources We Can Get


Nice work on the magazine. I just wanted to let you know I've added a link from my Writing Resource Center to your page.

Good luck.

John Hewitt
December 30, 1995

Maybe It Was the Roses

Hello, Xian and Enterzoners!

After a couple of months' worth of collecting fotos, stories and quotes and scanning and designing, I've finally finished the Golden Gate Park Garcia Tribute Web site. This group of five pages chronicles the huge gathering in Golden Gate Park to remember Jerry in words and pictures from Deadheads and from the Dead themselves. The fotos are by Greg Gavlakis, one of our pals from rec.music.gdead, are downloadable in JPEG format, and are accompanied by first-hand accounts by Deadheads who attended the gathering as well as commentary on the occasion from writers in FringeWare Review and the Progressive News and Views List.

I realize this comes a bit late, compared to all the tribute pages that hit the 'Net within weeks of Garcia's death, but I decided not to rush this one as I wanted it to be as complete and memorable a presentation as possible, for the benefit of all of you who couldn't make it in person. I feel it's succeeded quite well, and I hope you all feel the same. Stop on by and check it out at:

http://myhouse.com/mikesite/garci a/

It's been a snarling bitch of a year, friends. Why not kick off '96 with love and remembrance by visiting the Golden Gate Park Tribute on the Web!

Mike Flugennock
December 29, 1995

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