Wet Dream

by David Hunter Sutherland

I may be mis taken,
I consider the face, the hands, the legs
of a rather clear-faced young man,
addressing his baldness, his plaintive features & brow,
his jetty-like islands of hair.
Sweating of this urgency called "Sex,"
are matters broken-up to their biological facets,
subjective & emotional assassinations,
Adultery, Masturbation, Homosexuality....
Lies at a formal, where social detachment
chills its guest to an almost dead, shortened thrill, almost gone;
fed in this fierce duality
of a pleasured ebb,
precarious in our consummations
we learn emotion.

Then flinch in this framework of body
like a Scherherezad Monad obsessed
beneath the heavy curve of a warm object,
in its coarse appeal,
in its sick-slow ululations
while the spirit erupting
intercedes and interdicts.

Copyright © 1996
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