Finally Dancing Naked

A flawless dance for this porcelain morning.
Extending our breath, our eyes hold glass fortune.

As chiefs of the air, in a timid bath of chords, we absorb.
Evening colors drown.
Wandering from the gates of a long, dramatic sleep, we dance,

Calling trial to conformity, embarrassing ourselves,
Stripping on the street we disrupt caution with our fancy wind.

Dim from the sky's eyes, we let the sun circle our flaws.
Skin is cooler bare.

Those watching see it as carelessness.
They drown in fountains of charcoal.
Uniforms never wrinkled; fear growing on their lives.

When time calls the hands of them
their names will be erased.
Only dancers can hear the music.
Gliding with determination, our laughs are frozen
With arms of warmth, dancing naked, still surrounded,

he tells me we forget most of our lives,
entering other ones while we sleep.

He says there's always a place to hide,
if even under our own eyes.

The sky is a mass of mind
which someone grabbed pieces of;
the pieces were put into bodies.

We dance with weak walls
guided by fractions of the sky's energy.


Copyright © 1996
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