We push and lift up
the stairs one flight then
pivot and up
the next my brother
in front unseen behind sofa says
go my mother said He
hasn't even told
your father
telling me
how he is breaking things off
with Susan

A double move one truck
for the day futon stereo big
screen TV back to Mom's
from his new house old sofa
out to my apartment we talk
car bills cousins' doings plans
for Mom's birthday his music
on the U-Haul radio Don't
let him know I told you
greedy nonetheless to hear sofa
upended angled fast
in a doorway

I lift
it into him he
bears his end up in
retreat overhead and we
progress we joke
furnished stairwells look up
through concrete steps iron rails close
in a turn I plot

Hymn of Praise

Copyright © 1996
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