Using a live performance of Days Between as a matrix, lap dissolve or morph from one configuration of the Grateful Dead to the next, concluding with current configuration. Archive film & video clips may be slowed to master rhythm, or run at speed ... lip & instrument synch would be fine once in awhile but are not essential ... it need not seem that earlier versions of the Dead are performing this song so much as existing within its context.

(Begin with short establishing shot of GD 1994 playing tune on stage)
There were days
and there were days
and there were days between
Summer flies and August dies
the world grows dark and mean
Comes the shimmer of the moon
(LD (Lap dissolve) & shimmer to '65 configuration)

on black infested trees
the singing man is at his song
the holy on their knees
the reckless are out wrecking
the timid plead their pleas
No one knows much more of this
than anyone can see anyone can see
(LD to configuration plus TC)

There were days
and there were days
and there were days besides
when phantom ships with phantom sails
set to sea on phantom tides
Comes the lightning of the sun
on bright unfocused eyes
(LD to configuration minus Pigpen)

the blue of yet another day
a springtime wet with sighs
a hopeful candle lingers
in the land of lullabies
where headless horsemen vanish
with wild and lonely cries lonely cries
(LD to configuration plus Keith & Donna)

There were days
and there were days
and there were days I know
when all we ever wanted
was to learn and love and grow
Once we grew into our shoes
we told them where to go
walked halfway around the world
on promise of the glow
(LD to configuration with Brent)

stood upon a mountain top
walked barefoot in the snow
gave the best we had to give
how much we'll never know we'll never know

There were days
and there were days
and there were days between
polished like a golden bowl
the finest ever seen
(LD return to present configuration)

Hearts of Summer held in trust
still tender, young and green
left on shelves collecting dust
not knowing what they mean
valentines of flesh and blood
as soft as velveteen
hoping love would not forsake
the days that lie between lie between

We pull away from stage ... rise up, out into the night sky, ascend at ever increasing speed, star rush of time travel at interstellar velocity ... the establishing bars of Playing in the Band can be detected through the roar of hyperspace drive, but grows in volume as the speed of light is approached ... at 186,000 mps the roar suddenly vanishes leaving the music at volume ... curvature is seen around the edges of a screen filled with inky black swarming with motion ... a crack of light appears across the horizontal ... opens like an opaque visor to reveal a pre-dawnlit mountainscape containing two monolithic skeletons, masculine and feminine, lightly attired & decked in roses. One holds a crystal ball ... a shake causes snow to swirl inside it. She tosses it lovingly in the air where it floats off into the sky. They watch as it disappears. We follow the globe as the snow settles to reveal a golden boat with long sweeping oars. Tighten till we see only the boat heading into the rising sun.

Continue to follow its dwindle as credits roll. After major credits, credits for every enterprise or person ever connected with the scene continues, to the music of Dark Star. All names occur in alphabetically ordered sections so that anyone who is old enough and waits long enough might conceivably find his or her name.

Other items to be covered include: the Diggers, the Be-In, Rex, Bear, Levitating the Pentagon ...this is a growing list. I want to stick to the 66, 67, 68 era & the song choice reflects this, though, in fact, most of the pertinent GD material post dates this time period. The treatment should resolve the anachronism.

Songs to be included in scripting

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