god is a little man

god is a little man
stuffing his pant's pockets
with handfuls of green leaves
greeting cards sweaty
dollar bills

god is a rush a little
gasp of heated air from
the lips of lovelock
a cartoon drawing of
an ape eating ripe
dripping oranges

the night's last cigarette
using my boot as an ashtray
tilted on the covers against
my cool leg on the late
coming crisp air creeping
in the summer
is my god

a twist of notes rushes over
the light silence in the room
a beat through my bare feet
on the bare floors
i exhale as i feel
it coming

god is in my pocket
he is screaming squirming
whistling as i walk nine steps
to the kitchen window see
a small child swinging in
the next-door back-yard
he wants out
but i press him tight
with an erection

god is a little man
with god in his pocket
leaves there and heat
wily adrenalin dripping
down my leg
into my
steel-toed boots

the ritual
beyond that morning

Copyright © 1996
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