Submission Guidelines

To: "Tom Taylor"
From: Christian Crumlish
Subject: Re: (Fwd) Re: DICTION PART 2
Date: 11:30 AM 3/7/96

At 11:06 AM 3/7/96 PST, you wrote:
>i got yr address off a transmission from 
>fowler to me which was  

>i mean that's how it goes

This is another netiquette matter, he said 
schoolmarmishly. Did you just suck the names 
off the list and convert them into your private 
mailing list, or did you read the submission 
guidelines? Enterzone is not on that list to 
advertise us as recipients for every means of 
self-expression. We agreed to go on that list 
to provide a service for writers and artists 
looking to submit to publications. That means 
we expect writers to read our guidelines and 
follow them, which in our case is to send a 
query message discussing what it is you want 
to submit and seeing if we're interested. If 
we are, we will then ask you to send us the 
submission and we will be overjoyed to read, 
discuss, and perhaps publish it. end of sermon.


p.s.: i am getting more and more mail lately, as 
i'm [sure] we all are, and i wonder if you would 
mind if i republished our little exchange here in 
the zine to illustrate, almost as if in the form 
of a play or dialogue, how i feel about e-mail and 

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