Food Chain

Image of Purdue Whole Chicken Quartered (All Natural, $4.45)

Chicken wire is a thin flexible fencing material that allows light and air to freely pass through it but prevents the passage of larger objects, such as chickens. It is an abnormality in the natural world because it creates a situation where prey (chickens) and predator (fox) can see and smell each other, but never the twain shall meet.

It is an aneurysm in the food chain.

Chicken wire was invented to isolate chicken from fox, so the chicken could become abnormally fat and soft, leading to an easier meal for the human, who (coincidentally?) becomes fat and soft, in turn increasing demand for fatter and softer chickens, until a man named Frank Purdue, who (coincidentally?) looks like a chicken, starts cranking out steroid bloated, hormonally intoxicated chicken units at an unheard of rate.

We fear hunger, and use Chicken Wire to wrap the object of our appetite into a food assembly line. Through it we create the ultimate predatorial bureaucracy: animals wait in line to be slaughtered; humans wait in line to eat "Chicken McNuggets".

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