Southern Rock

In the Southern rock department, there have been recent tours or albums by Little Feat (minus the late Lowell George), the Allman Brothers Band (minus the late Duane Allman), and Lynyrd Skynryd (minus the many late members of that band). Perhaps it's some kind of Southern thing that you just keep carrying on no matter what hardships you encounter along the way, be they plane crashes, O.D.s, or being married to Cher, but reallyŠ Little Feat without Lowell is like the Talking Heads putting out an album without David Byrne (which they've been threatening to do). And when some Skynrd survivors got together with various acquaintances, relatives and tax accountants to tour last year, they claimed that it was a one-time-only "tribute" to the original band. Apparently they discovered that there were more people willing to pay to hear "Freebird" than they had originally thought.

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