Coastal Resource Guide

"I have few reservations in holding up the California Coastal Resource Guide (edited by Joanne S. Ginsberg and Madge Caughman, University of California Press, Berkeley, 1987) as a book both comprehensive in scope and exacting in detail," wrote Matthew Warshaw his Wall Street Journal review of May 11, 1988.

"The introduction wastes little time before entering a level-toned recount of 200 years of statewide environmental atrocities," he continues. "But the heart of the Guide comes in the 'Coastal Counties' section, which successfully laminates practicality, history, scientific interest and environmental soul." Then our reviewer adds some linguistic color. "But you know what would have made the thing just killer? If they would have, like put some stories in it. Some way gnarly surf stories. Like that shark attack last year at Tunitas Beach? Near San Francisco? Whoa!" (Just in case you failed to notice that the reviewer is the managing editor of Surfer Magazine.)

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