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Hi, I'm Dr. Kovaks and this is my MicroWeb. Nice to meet you and all that. Hey, let's face it, there's a lot of stuff out there on the Web that isn't that great. Plenty of dead links and scientific data. So, I figure, why should you have to plow through all that stuff yourself? Answer: you shouldn't. Don't look at all of that stuff. You've found your home page right here. So set your Web browser right now, before you forget.

Okay. Now. Here's what I did: I looked at everything out there on the Web. Most of it wasn't so good. So, I narrowed it down until I had a representative selection of only the decent stuff. When I was done: five links. That's what was left. Five places that you might possibly want to go. Hey, even these links aren't so great. Anyway, here they are. The only links you'll ever need.

The Only Links You'll Ever Need

If you like the simple life, check out these excerpts from my new novel Never Been a Finer Chicken.

You asked for it. The I can't believe it's not butter question and answer page is now on-line. Look at it and grow wiser.

Hey, interested in some useful software? Then Dr. Kovaks' useful software is the page you want to look at. Click this link to get some.

The University of Stapleton's Center for the study of homonyms now has its own home page.

Finally, what selection of Web resources would be complete without a page of promising links that go nowhere? The answer: none. So here it is.

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