The University of Stapleton Computer Science Department is proud to present "infected-file," an important computing resource designed to aid the average user in dealing with the current wave of computer viruses. Under most circumstances, it is extremely difficult to assess the functioning of virus detection software. Infected-File seeks to remedy this situation by providing a set of basic tests for this software.

To use Infected-File, simply follow these three easy steps:

  1. Place Infected-File on your hard disk.
  2. Use your computer for about five minutes, performing a variety of operations. Make sure that you open and close several applications and documents.
  3. Run your virus detection software. The software should detect several viruses. If it doesn't, you should seriously consider replacing your detection software.
The University of Stapleton CS Department is seriously commited to maintaining this important resource for at least the near future. As new viruses are discovered, they will be added to Infected-File and distributed through this location. We therefore recommend that you update your copy of Infected-File on a regular basis.

And remember, safe computing is fun computing.

Click here to download this sofware now.