Software by Dr. Kovaks

Hi, I'm Dr. Kovaks. I'm sure that many of you out there are familiar with me, and you're probably a little surprised that I'm spending my time writing software. Hey, I'm pretty surprised by this too. But we all know that some things just don't get done unless you do them yourself. And I'm the kind of guy that gets things done even if it means doing them myself to have them done.

Anyway, this is it. Dr. Kovak's own "Denudifyer." Imagine this situation: You're busy downloading nudie pictures from the net. Are you enjoying yourself, I mean really enjoying yourself? Answer: Not really, because you're worried that someone's going to walk into the room and catch you.

That's why I created Denudifyer. If you've got Denudifyer installed on your computer you can, at any time, strike the denudification key. Then, what does the person that just walked through your door see? Answer: They see you deeply immersed in wave five of the intense, arcade-style game Space Combat Zero.

Oh yeah. Denudifyer can also be set to keep up the beeping and exploding noises at all times, even when you can't see it. A little annoying perhaps, but I think it's worth it to insure yourself a pleasant and uninterrupted nudie time.

Click here to download this sofware now.