The SYX Way

There are many companies out there that want to put your organization on the Internet. So you ask yourself, "Why Internet Systems Experts (SYX)? How are they different?"

SYX is unique among Internet services companies because we have, we believe a unique philosophy towards systems development. We call our approach, simply, "The Way."

The Way is, in essence, about finding solutions that are comprehensible and appropriate.

Many Internet consultants will try to wow you with technical jargon -- or perhaps they know no other language. When you speak with SYX, you will be hear plain English. Our basic approach to systems design is first to listen to our clients' needs without worrying about technical jargon. We will discuss with you how you want to use the Internet, what your goals are, and with whom you are trying to communicate.

Based on your needs, we will then design a system. While specifying the system in technical detail, we will explain to you in non-technical language how we approached your problem, and what kinds of decisions and trade-offs we made.

We aren't trying to hide the Internet from you. Just the opposite. But when you hire SYX, you hire us because you want someone with technical expertise. If you wanted to learn all the technical details yourself, you would take a class.

The second trap for Internet projects is hype. You can't flick on the tv without being bombarded with Internet hype. At SYX we ignore the hype, and focus on the problem at hand. We will find for you a range of appropriate solutions that address your specific need. We won't sell you the entire kitchen if a spoon will do the job.

At SYX we firmly believe that every problem or need has its own best solution, not the other way around. We don't sell canned systems. We don't ram the same product down the throat of every client. Instead we will work with you to find the best answer to your need, while taking into consideration flexibility and the possible need for future expansion.

The Way is about communication. SYX sells appropriate solutions that you will understand. No snow-jobs. No techno-babble. No hype. No ridiculous claims.