Net-Derived Books We Know About

  • Degenerative Prose (FC2/Black Ice Books, 1995), edited by Mark Amerika and Ronald Sukenick
  • Writers of the Information Age (Cross Connect, 1996), a university e-journal anthology
  • Holy War Online : A Debate in Cyberspace (MMI,1996), edited by David Zolt, chronicling a flamewar that grew on an unmoderated AOL message board out of a request for help finding a book called Jesus: The Lie
  • Torn Shapes of Desire (Intangible Assets Marketing, 1996), an anthology of erotica by popular author Mary Anne Mohanraj, put out by the publishers of Lineland, reviewed in this article
  • Coffeehouse: Writings from the Web (Manning, 1997), an anthology compiled by Levi Asher and Enterzone editor Christian Crumlish, including some of my own work

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