What's New in the Zone

Here to keep you up-to-date with what's going on inside the zone
(in a sort of lazy, half-assed way).


Enterzone episode 13 (December 1997) will be a retrospective, spotlighting the "best," most popular, and most egregiously overlooked features from the first twelve episodes (December 1994 through September 1997).

We Launch Two New Columns

UNDER THE HOOP: Our irrepressible Story Editor Martha Conway contributes the first in what we hope will be a long series of dishy opinions about what fiction on the net is worth your time and attention. She promises to be completely arbitrary and shamelessly honest. (At least, she will have done so, as soon as she signs off on this breathless copy.)

VIRTUALLY MARRIED: As our staff is slowly infiltrated and taken over by Hawaiians, we unwittingly succumb to their soothing ministrations, in this case taking on a new column reporting from the western fringe of the U.S. and the leftmost fringe of the marriage continuum (or did we circle around and come back on the right?). Reed Hearne promises to lay bare the vicissitudes of modern unmarried bliss. (Again, as soon as we get his approval for the above paragraph.)

Shameless Self-Promotion

Various people closely associated with Enterzone have been getting attention for their other creative projects. Pilgrim Press, for instance the on-line collective that published Story Editor Martha Conway's novel In Some Unrelated Land has gotten press in Florida and Pennsylvania.

The antiweb mailing-list on-line arts community from which Enterzone draws much of its talent has been written up lately (dig deep - see the Art & Technology column) at a Canadian site called Suite 101, and Enterzone itself was cited in a New York Times article on "cyberslang."

Last Plug for That Anthology Book, We Promise

Meanwhile, publisher Christian Crumlish and occasional contributor Levi Asher have a new web site called Coffeehousebook.com, ostensibly to support and promote the upcoming Coffeehouse anthology, but with some interesting other publishing possibilities waiting in the wings.

In the marginally related department, we have news that Christian Crumlish has polished up and published a second edition of his hyperstory No Bird but an Invisible Thing. You can also read an installation of it at, aptly enough, the Birdhouse.

They're Going too Fast

Here in the East Bay of the S.F. Bay Area, we lost another legendary figure recently, when Moe Moskowitz, the founder and ringleader of Moe's Books passed away.

Administrivia: Deadlines

For people considering submitting to Enterzone, please note the following schedule of submission deadlines..

Episode 12 will be released on September 1, 1997. The deadline for that episode will be July 20, 1997.

Episode 13 will be released on December 1, 1997. We are not accepting submissions for episode 13 (that would be unlucky).

Submissions that come in after August 1 will be considered for episode 14, to be released March 1, 1998.

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