Another amazing solo show last night from Bob Mould at the Showbox in Seattle. He ditched the bass player he was playing this tour with back in September, so this whole show was solo acoustic...except, the first encore was played on his blue Strat. It was cool hearing Bob play Huskers songs on electric again! setlist (10:25-11:48): Wishing Well Hoover Dam-> Needle Hits E Your Favorite Thing-> Fort Knox, King Solomon Can't Help You Anymore If I Can't Change Your Mind Can't Fight It You Know I Need A Place (new song?)-> Explode and Make Up-> Hardly Getting Over It Sinners and Their Repentances Lonely Afternoon Roll Over and Die No Reservations-> Chartered Trips-> Celebrated Summer First Encore (electric): Egoveride (!!!)-> I Apologize-> Makes No Sense At All Second Encore (acoustic): Thumbtack the following exchange occurred before "Favorite Thing": BOB: It's great to be back in Seattle, indoors at least. (referring to the outdoor show he played in June, the opening of a Levi's store...while down the street the new Planet Hollywood was opening as well). I've got a bunch of free Levi's! What can I tell you, it was a favor for a friend of a friend. I learned my lesson. GIRL IN CROWD: (unintelligible) BOB: What? GIRL: WE LOVED IT! BOB: Oh no, it was fine. It was just kooky with all that Planet Hollywood shit going on. I got to Seattle and said "jeez, there's a lot of people downtown for the Levi's opening!". Bob also mentioned he had a headache from the climate change (he'd been in Colorado and Vancouver, both very dry). At the end of the show he said "boy this turned out better than I expected...I had a great time!". Mitch