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This article should get credited to Bill Cassel and Dan Brodnitz (with thanks to Elisabeth Beller, Jeff Green, Barbara Dahl, Bob Myren)


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This just in from La La land:


On the heels of the enormously successful Star Wars: The Special Edition, producers are rushing to digitally enhance your favorite films and TV shows from years gone by. Herewith, a handful of high-profile examples:

Of course, any trend of this magnitude is likely to trigger a few controversial decisions. Lawyers are already exchanging high-fives over rumors that Woody Allen has put up substantial funding to remove Mia Farrow from all future editions of Rosemary’s Baby and replace her with Soon-Yi. And reliable sources are reporting that, in lieu of a multimillion-dollar settlement, Fred Goldman is pursuing a deal to replace the character of "Nordberg," played by O.J. Simpson in all three Naked Gun movies, with digitally enhanced footage of the entire Goldman family. (Although word is, they may be holding out for starring roles in the two Naked Gun prequels currently being filmed in South America.)