Tables of Contents

Enterzone episode 1

Okay, so why tables of contents? Isn't one just enough? Yes and no. There are a plentitude of entry points into the zone. You don't have to use them all. If you prefer the traditional reader's role--passive acceptance of a prearranged sequence and form of presentation--you're in luck. Just take the path of least resistance.

Besides that, we've got the contents broken down by medium (text or nontext, mainly, but we hope to need an extra category, "mixed media" in future episodes). We've further broken down the types of text along the lines of a false dichotomy: made-up stuff versus true stuff. It's all true on some level and it's all made up, so we've allowed a third category, neither made-up nor true (that we didn't use in this episode), and a safe one, "all text together." Of course, pictures can be true or made-up or neither or both, as can comics, and maybe even songs -- we're just trying to give you as many different handles as possible.

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