waiting for a train

by Obsidian Wind

Frozen in Time A moment To clear the Mind
Close your Eyes Imagine a Dream
Add your Dream to All of the Others
What do we Get Can you Live this Dream
Is this Dream Good for You While Harming None
   Buster on a bike screaming about
   Free love / We can love them
   But they won't love us
   Buster on a bike, what are you saying
   Make him a king, At least he'll
   Speak his mind
Take a Moment Close your Eyes
Imagine a Dream of Love
Where we all are Connected
And will not harm
Were we so far away
When we turned back
How far down this tube must we go
Before the Light disappears
And we lose our way
A couple of hells ago
I took this name
   Frought iron danger Weak in the Knees
   Fast becoming strangers Pretty as you please
   Plastic as a dragon Spastic as a flea
   I ride in on a purple thermidor
   Seeking out the places noone
   Ever wants to go, where the
   Dark shines too brightly
   Where the air is too thin
Cider press Ice cream crank Dial phones
Watches that go around and around
Getting your water from a spring
Down to the corner candy store
For licorice and squirrels
Grandma buzzing the cars on the curb
Scaring the kiddies for a thrill
Who cares if someday they end up
On the run or on the wrong side of a gun
   Ever present danger Vigilance is key
   Make sure you don't drop off
   Watching your TV
   Who knows what goes on
   Inside those colors
   And that flashing tube
   Painting the walls in
   Constantly shifting hues
I drift into the other world
Full of spirits and beings of light
   Styrofoam cup doing circles in the wind
   On the pavement across the tracks
   Flag pole rope gives another snap
   And everybody's waiting for a train.

Copyright © 1994 Obsidian Wind
Enterzone Copyright © 1995
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