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My name is Ted Nadeau & I want a rain hat. Not just something to cover my head but the best price/performance ratio rain hat out there. I figure that by doing this research with others & sharing the results, we'll all be happier (hattier). In the information age, when you do work properly for yourself, you do it for everyone else as well.


Let us attempt to cure our lack of perfect hats.


I ask myself & post to the net.

A Hat-Memory

I found a plastic hat once which looked like a spanish flamenco dancers. Flat on top, with a 3 inch brim. While attending a football game on a very cold and rainy day, I remember thinking how perfect the hat was. It had just enough brim to keep water out of my eyes & neck & it was up to my rain coat (that's another story) to handle the rest. For me, this was yet another realization that with proper clothing, the outdoors is just as comfortable as indoors. Next time you are uncomfortable outside, realize that somewhere, someone is in a much worse weather condition & yet is more comforatable that you are. You just dressed poorly.

[Ted-- I seem to remember you in a photo wearing that hat? Is it extant? Scan it? --Ed.]


Your hat memory goes here:


In the future, words will become more magic. "I want a rain hat." will ever-more quickly lead you through an Alice in Wonderland tour of sellers, descriptions, stories & finally connect you with your hat.


Each episode of Enterzone I will attempt to propose a task that is finite in size & infinite in scope. In later episodes, I will organize and publish the results and pose the next task.

I Take Requests

I hereby solicit your recommendations for projects/tasks/goals.

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