At the Love Motel

by A. Knox

At the Love Motel

His brand of kink -- he wears a pair of her fishnet hose beneath his jeans when he meets her at one of the love motels near the Snake Alley night market. Once inside their rented room, she draws the curtains part way open, then she turns to Ah Zhang, who is already reclining on the bed. E. slowly removes his shoes and socks, crawls up on the bed herself so she can shuck off his tee-shirt. Briefly she buries her face in his crotch to shut out the smell of antiseptic before she takes off his jeans. A hint of a smile on Ah Zhang's face encourages her efforts. Now down to just her fishnets, he's a sexy sight, so smooth all over, his erect penis straining against the pantyhose. Squatting between his legs, E. lightly brushes his abdomen with her cheek. Slowly she peels off the fishnets. Raising one of Ah Zhang's legs, she traces the faint diamond-shaped impressions on his thigh with her fingertips, then her tongue. The sound of Ah Zhang's quickening breath can't completely drown out the wheezing air conditioner, nor the noise of the street below.


"You believe the big lie, don't you," Evangeline says to the handcuffed policeman as she files Mei's nails to the quick. Evangeline runs her own manicured fingers through Mei's crewcut. Mei nods her head in the dirrection of the policeman, who sits naked by the door of their motel room, and raises a delicate eyebrow. "Prop," explains Evangeline. Mei laughs. Evangeline licks the long curve of Mei's neck, then stretches back across the faded orange bedspread. Mei deftly strips her, letting her mouth fall to Evangeline's dark pink nipples, then nuzzling her mons. Evangeline swoons at the cold touch of Mei's jade pendant on her ass, swoons as Mei's breath pours creamy over her clit. She glances at the policeman, sees his flaccid penis, and smiles.

Later the women drive away, leaving the naked, handcuffed policeman for the motel maid to discover.

Copyright İ 1994 A. Knox

Enterzone Copyright İ 1995

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